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Melur Famous

Non Veg Restaurant in Melur - Orappu Restaurant

Melur is a town located in the Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, India. It is famous for its stunning Shri Shivan Temple, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. Melur is also known for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and agricultural productivity. To add more pride to Melur, Orappu Non veg restaurant in Melur makes South Indian cuisine with a traditional style of cooking. The town is surrounded by lush green paddy fields and coconut groves, making it a scenic destination. Apart from the temple, visitors can explore the nearby villages, taste the delicious local cuisine, and experience the unique culture of the region. Also, it has famous restaurants like Orappu, check post sekar hotel, and Koorai Kadai in Melur.

Restaurant History

Memories are the timeless treasures of the heart

Orappu Non Veg Restaurant in Melur was created not only for serving fine quality food but we created it to severe people with memorable experiences in their lives. We believe that nothing is more beautiful than spending quality time with our loved ones. And we have designed our services, especially for people who would wish to have cherished moments with their loved ones. Whether you prefer our non-veg offerings or our vegetarian options, we welcome you to come and celebrate life’s beautiful moments at Orappu, our non veg restaurant in Melur, Madurai.

Orappu Special

Good food warms the heart
and feeds the soul

We believe that good food not only fills the stomach but it also fills the heart and the soul of a person. Uppu Kari is one such signature traditional dish of our restaurant. The ingredients such as fennel seeds, jeera, turmeric powder, and garlic have numerous health benefits. Avaiyakari is another signature dish that holds the goodness of traditional cooking into it. Treat your taste buds to a culinary journey that you won’t forget. Book your table now! at the best non veg restaurant in Melur, Madurai.

Our Chef

Cooking done with
care is an act of love

This is the main motto of the cooks of our finest chefs at Orappu restaurant. Our dedicated chefs have devoted their lives to the art of cooking. Nothing makes them more excited than serving South Indian dishes in their most authentic form and they prioritise quality over anything when it comes to cooking. We, the Orappu restaurant are proud and blessed to have such a fine set of magicians called Chefs!. We are the one non veg restaurant in Melur to ensure that every dish is cooked to perfection and with dedication.


A variety of Orappu Restaurant

Idly 15.00

Dosa 50.00

Masala dosa 80.00

Onion dosa 60.00

Egg dosa 70.00

Ghee roast 80.00

Kudal kootu 200.00

Meen kulambhu 120.00

Pongal 50.00

Kesari 30.00

Tea 15.00

Coffee 20.00

Milk 15.00

Boost 25.00

Horlicks 25.00

The feature that I loved about this restaurant is the candlelight dinner concept. I visited the restaurant yesterday with my wife and we created one more happy memory together. Thanks to Orappu restaurant for such a creative initiative.

Akash Kumar

I was impressed by the hospitality of this restaurant. Kind and neatly dressed waiters. The ambience was pleasant. And the food was very traditional and tasty. Worth every penny.


Our Services

Types of Services

 Party Hall | Restaurant | Candle light dinner

Services of Party Hall

We have an adorable party hall with an amazing ambience. You can celebrate any important occasion with your loved ones in this beautiful space. 

Services of Hotel

We offer elegant and hygienic rooms for you to stay in and relax. We treat our guests with high hospitality and provide you with excellent room service.

Services of Restaurant

We have a set of the finest chefs who have dedicated their lives to cooking. Our menu is a collection of a delicious and hand-picked variety of food to serve our guests. Orappu non veg restaurant in Melur gives the best service in this industry.


To taste South Indian Cuisine with your family in a peaceful environment then your wise choice Orappu Restaurant is the best restaurant in Melur.

Famous Orappu restaurant, Checkpost sekar hotel, and Koorai kadai in melur.

We serve South Indian Cuisine with the traditional style of cooking. Our signature dishes are Maharani Chicken, Uppu Kari, biryani, Nattu Kozhi, Vanjaram fry, etc. We made special ingredients in a traditional way, by making flavourful spicy to create more luscious food by our professional chef.

Orappu restaurant is the top and more famous non veg restaurant in Melur and other restaurants are the checkpost sekar hotel and Koorai Kadai in Melur.

Table Reservations

Come, Book tables and cook memories together